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Davis.John 12-25-2014 06:14 AM

XZeroScripts.com is back
XZeroScripts.com is now open for business and forum access has been completely restored.

My since apologies for the extended downtime; I had to do an unexpected server move and it ended up being very rough with multiple issues through the process. I have finally got it up and running with the new host but with a catch: the backup process hit some issues which were not surfaced up and it ended up corrupting the forum database. I was working hard to see if I can restore some of the lost data. I managed to recover a backup from early 2009 but all the newer posts were lost. I know that this is not the greatest news and I am sorry for the inconvenience it has caused but the good part is that the site is at least up and functional at this point. I will try to see if I can reconstruct at least parts of the forum content as a knowledge base from the bits and pieces that I have but the forum will be functional in the meantime so that users are not blocked. If you registered on or after 2009 and your logins are no longer working, please register once again with the same username and email. Please drop me a message if you are facging any issues.

Once again, sorry for the downtime and the loss but I am glad that we are back in business.

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