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Default XZero v6 is around the corner!

I had been working on XZero v6 over the past few months with major focus on complete theme support. The next version will come with a brand new, modern and fully responsive theme named "Pheonix" and I thought I would give you guys a sneak peak at it. Please check out the demo at and do let me know if you come across any issues. I can't wait to get it out to you guys and hope to be able to do so in a couple of weeks.

The new version will make it easier to create and distribute your own themes without having to get too much into the core script logic. Note that the new default theme does not support the images feature yet as I find the usage of this feature to be very minimal. Even if you were using the feature, it should not be hard to achieve similar results out of a normal category.

I am thinking about an increase in the price of a license with the upcoming release. So if you are looking at purchasing a license soon, you should better hurry as this is a good time to do so. Purchasing a license now will ensure that you will get the v6 upgrade for free.

There's a lot more happening at XZero that will make things better for everyone. I will have more to share on this in the coming weeks. Till then, have a good time!
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