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Default XZero Community Classifieds v6.0.4 released

XZero Community Classifieds version 6.0.4 is now available and has a handful of bug fixes.

This release is a free upgrade for existing customers. If you are a Verified Customer, you can download the script package from the Downloads forum.

  • Fix: Custom currency symbols like GBP where showing up as HTML.
  • Fix: HTML entities like "&" showing up raw in titles and other fields.
  • Fix: Some photos were failing to upload due to a GD warning.
  • Fix: Disabled categories and regions were not properly hidden.
  • Fix: Hide "deprecated" errors for the mysql extension as this is causing a lot of confusion. XZero is all set to seamlessly switch over to the mysqli extension, once mysql is gone.
  • Fix: Don't error out when there are no locations defined.
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