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Default XZero Community Classifieds version 5.4 released

XZero Community Classifieds version 5.4 has been released and is available for download. Existing users may download the latest package from the Downloads forum.

This update has been long overdue and the entire focus for this release was on improving the database performance. Queries have been simplified, repeated queries removed and resource intensive queries cached to reduce table locks. As a result, there has been significant reduction in page load times; with some pages seeing upto 85% improvement under Apache benchmark. The release also features some solid infrastructure changes under the hood, important bug fixes, search engine optimization and a new Portuguese translation (thanks to our dear customer Germano for sharing this).

  • Significant improvement in database performance.
  • Cleanup of expired ads is now automated by the script; no need to manually setup cron jobs.
  • Now using a canonical link to resolve potential search engine issues with duplicate content.
  • Minor security patch.
  • Added Portuguese language pack.
  • Fix: Event search was not working correctly.
  • Fix: Long emails were still broken on display, though the link worked.
  • Fix: After a search, non-English characters were displayed incorrectly in the search box.
  • Fix: 'Email ad' fields were back to blank after incorrect security code.
  • Fix: Added a missing phrase to the en, es and cn-simplified language files.
  • Fix: Pictures uploaded with a post were listed in random order.
  • Improved handling of HTML content in RSS.
  • Other minor fixes.
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