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Default Security update: XZero Community Classifieds 4.97.2

A newer version of the script has been released.

We are releasing XZero Community Classifieds 4.97.2 with a few more important security patches and a couple of bug fixes. All users - including those who have upgraded to 4.97 - are strongly encouraged to upgrade to the latest version.

The following files are attached to this post: Full script package Only the changed files from version 4.97/4.97.1

Please refer to the file changelog.txt inside the package for a list of changed files. There are no database changes or config changes with this version.

The following bugs discussed in the forums has been fixed in this version:

If your server has already been compromised, you are strongly recommended to backup and delete all files on your server and then copy over the latest script files from the zip to ensure that any of the backdoors kept open by the hackers are also destroyed. Once the latest version had been installed, you may use a tool like WinMerge to merge any changes that you have made into the new files. You do not have to run the database setup again; just make sure that your new config file matches your old settings. Pay special attention to the variable $tprefix and make sure that it remains the same as the old value.

You are also encouraged to change all your server passwords including that of the script's admin area.
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