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Default IMPORTANT: Phishing Scam

One of our customers have reported a phishing email he received a few days ago which claimed to be sent by me. The email contained a link claiming to be to our forums but which took the users to a phishing site where they were asked to login. I confirm that this mail is not sent by me and is a phishing scam. Please make sure that you DO NOT follow the link and give your login credentials since this can lead to identity theft.

If anyone has received such an email and followed the link, change your login information ASAP and make sure that no unwanted updates has been made to your profile/messages/posts.

Here's a copy of the phishing email received:
From: Davis John XZeroScripts <[email protected]> 
To: [removed]
Date: 05 Apr 2010 16:26:54 
Subject: XZero Community Classifieds forum changes 

Hi XZero Community Classifieds user,

I have done some changes regarding the forum, so in order to check if everything is working fine for you, please login to the forum and check your account information. If you have any problems or any information is missing from your account, please reply to this email. Use the link provided bellow to login to the forum.

Click here to go directly to your forum's account!

Davis John
XZero Developer
As a general practice, make sure that you never follow hyperlinks in such emails. It is always safer to type in the URL and then bookmark/favorite it for future use. Before providing sensitive information at any website, please make sure that the complete domain name shown in the address bar is the intended one.

Have anyone else received a similar email? Please let me know through PM or email.

Davis John
X·Zero Developer
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